Saturday, November 14, 2009

Question for ladies?

Do you do the dishes barefoot, or socks, or slippers, or shoes on?

Question for ladies?
I do everything barefoot.
Reply:depends how clean or dirty the floor is..if i have to choose..barefooted!
Reply:My bf does them
Reply:it depends on the time of day
Reply:does it matter i think i have done them in all the above
Reply:I just put them in the dishwasher ! Never wear shoes in the house, so it can be either barefoot, socks or slippers !
Reply:Usually shoes, but it does vary.
Reply:do you have a foot fetish?
Reply:Usually with shoes on, why?
Reply:Screw that. I don't do the dishes.
Reply:Usually barefoot. :)
Reply:Barefoot. I like the soap suds running down my legs and touching my toes.
Reply:barefoot, always barefoot at home
Reply:i leave dishes for the ole man, but i do wear my slippers while i watch him
Reply:I do the dishes in my fuzzy pink slippers!


Attention ladies. tips needed on finding a life partner.?

male, forty, single. is there any hope or should i put on the slippers and smoking jacket and accept my fate gracefully.

Attention ladies. tips needed on finding a life partner.?
Die old and be bored all your life sounds realy good, why would you want that. Get back out there and find some1 that needs you and have fun finding the perfect person!
Reply:just go along with you life how your comfortable.... im sure you have your own wonderful points.... there is a womderful lady out there looking for a partner just like you.... she may not be what you want but she will be what you need your one true love is out there dont give up.. never give up on love there is always some one... you could meet her while your buying your dinner you never ever know good luck... stay positive and if puttin on ur slippers and smoking is wat you enjoy you go do it!! just relax good things come to those who wait... best of luck haha woop im smart for a 17 yr old or maybe just in denial LOL but positive mWa
Reply:THERE IS HOPE. Don't give up - perhaps you're looking in the wrong place? Try another country (or continent even) - No, I'm not kidding!!! A lot of men seem to prefer Asian women..

You could also try meeting Eastern Europeans (different culture - women are a lot more mellow and kind, and a lot less fickle than Western women.) - sorry ladies.

BEWARE OF SCAM ARTISTS though - women who are just looking for a way out of poverty and into your wallet!! But if you find a genuine one, you'll be very (pleasantly) surprised...
Reply:no way! there is someone for everyone, just takes people longer than find their perfect person than others... I know its a really irritating cliche but when you don't look for it, you will find your perfect person. good luck sweetie : ) xx
Reply:Awe don't give up! theres plenty of people out there. I believe that theres someone out there for everybody.
Reply:Hmmm what's the catch...why are you forty and single? Just got out of a bad relationship or have you been single for a while? If you've been single for a while maybe you need to change up ur behavior...cant say much more without details.

Ladies..What do you think of these flats?

Ladies..What do you think of these flats?
Sorry but I would prob not get those. Especially not for that much...sorry, I think they are ugly...
Reply:barf worthy

Ladies..what do you think of these flats?

Ladies..what do you think of these flats?
ohh! Those are cuteeee, very different pattern
Reply:Mmm.. To me, they look like a pair of rich man's slippers....
Reply:I don't really like them. Not my style. But if you like them, you should just go for it!
Reply:wow... these gave me a very weird mental picture... an old man sitting in a big comfy old arm chair wearing these shoes as slippers along with a robe smoking a cigar with his dentures sitting in a cup on the table next to him
Reply:1 How old are you?

2 What's your style?
Reply:please do everyone a favor and get yourself some f me shoes

Ladies (and/or men) how many pairs of shoes are in the trunk of your car?

Right now I have.....gym shoes, 2 pairs of flats (brown and black...for when I have to go the the ghetto and may need to run for my life), some slippers, some pumps (to go with a back up suit for when I'm asked to go to court at a moments notice) and several flip flops for gym shower rooms, the beach, and pretty much anywhere else.

Ladies (and/or men) how many pairs of shoes are in the trunk of your car?
I have one pair of baseball cleats, one pair of worn dirty work boots and one pair of sneakers.( also worn and dirty)
Reply:none, cuz i keep mine in the shoe cupboard
Reply:I have an SUV, so I don't really have a 'trunk'. But I did have an old pair of flip-flops back there for a long time-- not sure how they got there, though.

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Ladies would you wear your cotton summer dress tomorrow....?

with the open sandal slippers. Grassy really loves that look

Ladies would you wear your cotton summer dress tomorrow....?
sure if you promise we will have a nice little picnic !
Reply:Hmmm, Grassy, anything for you babe.

**Delia, get up!!!**
Reply:As long as it gets warmer(It's only 25 degrees where I live)
Reply:If the weather warms up, sure.
Reply:no ..I wore that Sunday.
Reply:i hain't no lady but if it helps, i'll do it for you
Reply:it 20 degrees here in chicago so no i wouldn't but in the house for sure.
Reply:why not...
Reply:sorry Grassy but its freezing here so if I do wear that its for indoor use only..
Reply:if I was a lady I would not because of the 28 degrees weather here right now
Reply:I will just for you, Grassy baby!
Reply:It is too cold it ok if i keep it till the summer?
Reply:too cold man
Reply:The dress yes. But not those shoes.
Reply:but then what would I do with my latex klingon suit?
Reply:No but since you love the look feel free to borrow one of my dresses anytime sweetie!
Reply:Ummmmmmmm...........NO...It is way toooooo cold for that here where I am. Plus I am a shorts and flip flops kinda' gal.

Ladies, do you remember the days when women rolled down their stockings, and went out to the shops like that.?

What was all that about. And why did they go about in tin curlers? But they did wear slippers to go to the shops???

Ladies, do you remember the days when women rolled down their stockings, and went out to the shops like that.?
Yes ,

And they hand washed them with, loving care!

Knowing it would be forever, if you got a run!

No replacements!

God bless them all!

They truly were amazing!

We are so spoiled! It is actually sad!

Reply:I'm getting a visual! Oh make it stop! ( ^ _ ^ ) I see why they stopped doing it! Socially unacceptable! Why they would do something like this in the first place beats me. ( o _ 0 )
Reply:Sounds like Norah Batty, all over again ;)
Reply:No I can't remember that thankfully

but wow they did GOOD for them
Reply:I've seen this fashion phenomenon but I've never indulged in it. I wonder if it will ever just be considered a fashion statement.
Reply:My grandmother rolled her stockings (cotton!!) down... she was born in 1895!!!!

Cotton can be very uncomfortable when the weather is warm, so the ladies, if they were at home... a true Lady never went out in PUBLIC with them rolled down!... would roll them down for comfort.

Curlers/slippers/pajamas (today!!) ... same thing... A true Lady never went out in public. PRIVATE remains behind closed doors.... period!

Even today, there are some women who go out in public in slippers, curlers and pajamas!!! I had one come to a JOB INTERVIEW with me in her PJs!! Needless to say, she did NOT get the job!

Have a polite day.
Reply:ha ha ha yes brilliant hennie....... so whats wrong with me doing this minus the curlers of course that would be going to far !!!! :)) xxx luv it x